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An Ayurvedic Healing Retreat

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We meet to practice and cleanse at the seasonal transition, to remove the bodily humors from Autumn and align our vessel, senses and soul with the slower, more introspective season.

We will cleanse with ayurvedic food, mantra, breathwork, introspective practices and movement to purify and reconnect. We will learn and share together in a safe, welcoming and intimate space.


What to expect ~

Friday 31st
Arrive 7pm or later
Adaptogenic evening elixir
Welcome, energy clearing + meditation.

Saturday 1st
Morning agni starter infusion
6:00 am- Kapha pacifying practices - Hatha flow, pranayama, meditation.

Warming breakfast

Mantra Vedic chanting
Workshop on Ayurved

12pm Lunch - cleanse

Lunch - 3:30 free time - suggestions beach walk -

we'll be just 300m from the cliff walk, reading (I’ll be supplying some Vedic texts),

Abhyanga (oils and warming pots will be avaliable),

journalling, ocean swims, napping in the garden.

3:30 Yin Yoga with Sound

5:00pm dinner

Svadhyaya - journalling practice
Herbal dream tonic
Early sleep

Sunday 2nd
Morning agni starter infusion
6:00am Kapha pacifying practices - Hatha and restorative flow, pranayama, meditation

Warming breakfast
Energy blessing + closing circle


Please note we will be eating Ayurvedic (vegetarian) however we may be eating whole wheat and some dairy (ghee) - I can accommodate vegan and gluten free however I do not recommend this to get the optimal cleansing and healing effects. The food is prepared in such a way that it will be easier to digest, it will also be imbued with mantra and in a cleared energetic space.
We’ll be using Ayurvedic ritual and means of eating including less food than you may be used to, at different times of day and no snacking or desserts (evening tonic will be sweet and nourishing and herbal teas available throughout the day).

4 x SOLD OUT single bed, shared room $550 per person
2x SOLD out shared King bed $500 per person for couples or friends happy to share (email me for booking this room)

No yogic or vedic experience required.

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I look forward to sharing this incredible, life-changing path with you.