Books to change your life  -

 My late mother was a librarian and Master of Literature - reading, writing and the art of the word has long been engrained in me as a way of accessing deeper consciousness and exploring life.

 I will always be reading more books than one (in true Vata nature) and have a long list of books to move onto – currently these include Miya Tiwari, David Frawley and Deepak Chopra.

I thought I’d share with you the books that I feel thus far, have changed my perspective oN living –  

Max Storm – A life worth breathing

A simple, action list for cultivating a conscious existence, with to-dos, guidelines, suggestions and a very simple, non-arrogant approach to how Strom has used ancient modalities to be most connected. Including difficult, helpful tasks like asking 3 people close to you what things thEY despise about you or how you behave, what things they believe are honestly holding you back (the answers will mostly surprise you.)


Rod Stryker – The four desires

Rooted in Ancient Vedic wisdom from Yoga and Tantric lineages this is a huge, must-do, lifechanging work on how we find and remain on the path towards our dharma (life purpose). The knowledge in this book and the exercises are so in depth it is by far the most change inducing self-help book I will ever possess.


Donna Farhi – bringing yoga to life

A reminder of why we practice, why we keep showing up to the mat even in the face of glitzy, glossy, heated studios that are so far removed from what our connection to embodied yoga or tantric experiences are. A little buoy to stay afloat amongst the ebb and flow of the wellness movement.


Miranda July – Learning to love you more

A hangover from my life as a visual artist and student of Fine Arts, July has created so many unimaginable works and this collaboration has to be my favourite.  A world-wide curated art project in which the artists asked the public to complete set assignments for example – write the script of the phone call you wish you could have but maybe never will.

It is heartwrenching, moving, through provoking like all of her works, it will crack open your heart in a way that you forgot was possible – the sweestest, most childlike way one that we desperately need to keep tapping into in this Vata and comparison overwhelmed time.


Anais Nin – Spy in the house of love

Intoxicating and the most floral of her works, it flies and swings through a love story that is mostly in the protagonists mind, heart and emotional landscape. Just the sweetest, most luscious indulgence in written word – it’s over the top and exactly how I like it.


I hope that these works bring you as much love as they have me and if you’re in Melbourne and eager to join in on a calm, open book club with me please get in touch to share these are more thoughts on written word. X