Ritucharya ~ the routine for the season

Autumn/Fall ~ VATA

In the Southern hemisphere we’re deep into Vata season, Ayurveda approaches the clock of the day and the year through many frameworks including that of how the solar energy relates to the bodily humors.

Vata is a bodily humor or constitution that is made up of ether and air, it relates most with the Guna or master energy of Rajas; which is the nature of movement, wind, change and creation.

While these energies can seem quick, changeable, rushed, anxious, overwhleming they also govern creation, art, daydreaming, flexibility, adaptability and philosophy – all wonderful things.

Autumn (especially in Melbourne) brings with her cold weather, crisp mornings, changeable sunny afternoons, wind, rain and dryness. While we (most of us) already live in a highly Vata environment a fast-moving, grey environment that is detached from nature ~ this season even further exacerbates the Rajasic nature of Vata.

How does this look in the body – dry skin and hair, chapped lips, cracking or peeling nails, anxiety, shallow breathing, insomnia, overwhelm, constipation, bloating, gas, excess urination, insomnia and disturbed sleep.

It feels in the mind of anxiety, stress, worry, overthinking, feeling ungrounded, feeling indecisive or unsure and tonnes of questioning every single aspect of your life and way of being.

While we need Vata in order to create and make new things, spring new ideas and especially produce artistic aspirations these feelings can be unpleasant so what can do and what small daily changes can we make in an attempt to pacify this energy and these feelings?

Here’s a list of simple changes that we can make which will assist you greatly in remaining grounded, happy and in control during this more changeable period.


Movement –

Slow, grounded movement forms like Yin or Hatha yoga, concentrating on earthing into your feet rather than extending to the sky.

Spend more time cuddling and sleeping in or going to bed earlier if you feel tired.


Thinking –

A mantra meditation RAM that works with the Muladara (Root chakra) will help you to move you from the overstimulating energy around your head and mind. To even more deeply distribute this energy try chanting this seed sound as if reverberating from the space your pelvic bowl.


Eating –

Consuming warm, cooked root vegetables, grounding grains like barley or rice, soups and simple vegetarian food will help to bring you back down to earth.

If you’re having trouble sleeping try an evening tonic of warmed almond milk, a teaspoon of ashwaghanda and honey.


Ritual –

Bathing both warm salt baths and onsen as Kaphic energy (earth + water) is naturally grounding.

Creating and sticking to a daily routine – Vata is quelled by routine so doing the exact same thing, structuring your day and time blocking so that you’re not multitasking or rushing to jump from one thing to the next.

if you’re interested in diving deeper into how ayurveda may help you to be more embodied and healthful book in for a radiance guidance session here.