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In the words of Clarissa Pinkola estes - your spirit has no boundaries, unless you create them - this work is for a lifetime. 

It is Ancient Wisdom and therefore, not a trending or passing phase it is the foundation of physical, emotional health and it is the bridge between you and your sense of the Divine. 

It is not my intention to push or place these rituals and ideas upon you but it is yours to decide what is and is not most healthy for you in particular parts of your life. It might be that right now this work feels odd and in a year or ten years’ time you begin to understand the complex simplicity and innate beauty of our most natural state of being. It might mean that devoting yourself to this work cleans out less healing habits like binging television, procrastinating, drinking or eating too much. 

Whatever form this work takes for you right now - don’t forget the first rule of the course - to always practice Ahimsa, first and foremost for yourself and then flowing outwardly to all living beings and the earth that we share. 

If you would like to continue this work and deepen your awareness in more individual terms please get in touch or book in a one-on-one session here. 

For further reading I suggest AYURVEDA by Vasant Lad as the best starting point and it has proved helpful an illuminating for the women before you who have sat this course.