Welcome and thank-you for committing to this four week self-led forage into expansion. 

We will use the ancient wisdom methods of Ayurveda, Yoga, wisdom Goddesses and simple shifts to move you into a more embodied, grounded and purposeful state of being. 

i have put together this course after 19 + years of yoga practice, studying ayurveda, the vedas and education. this is a portal of information, presented in a simple, easy to digest manner that you would otherwise be gathering from many disparate sources, being information that I have personally studied, found and worked with for many years and with many women from all over the world.

Firstly, within the Yogic and Tantric traditions it is believed that there needs to be an initiation into new states of awareness, greater states of consciousness and in Western, modern terms this initiation comes in the form of a monetary sting. That’s why this course wasn’t $40 or $100, it was probably an amount that you had to consider, even for a moment. 

Therefore, this knowledge, content and access should be kept to yourself, if it is shared with others who have not crossed this initiation threshold it is believed to lessen the expansion of yourself and those you have shared it with. 

Your expansion and this knowledge IS sacred, please honour this and my energy in putting this together for you by treating it with sanctity.

Secondly there are some rules to that I like to offer at the beginning of this course that I have found beneficial over the many hundreds of hours of one-on-one work that I have conducted with women in this field. 

Rule number one -

Undertake the course with Ahimsa (non-violence) as in a mindset of non-judgement towards yourself and others. There will be practices and lifestyle changes set out in the course and while I suggest commitment and at the very least trying each of the practices please work through these without judgement. If you miss something one day, or it doesn’t feel right for you - that’s okay - it might come back to you later or it might just not resonate with you. Each week you will be asked to incorporate a few practices that are intended to be layered on top of one another. 

Rule number two

With yourself and within the Facebook community, as well as if you attend in-person meet ups you will treat yourself and others with an air of what we will learn more about as one of the most important energies - Sattva - essentially, sweetness. 

for this course You will need:

a physical pen and paper journal as we know that the act of physically writing helps to instil changes in neural pathways or develop new ways of thinking

some extra time, so think about what you can let go of in order to make space for this work - ideally you’ll be working your way up to 2 hours per day of ayurvedic self care, reflection, ritual, movement and meditation.

a quiet, calm, somewhat private space for you to do this reading and contemplation

a simple key within the course:

  • = an actionable item, something you need to get or do

* an additional note on the practices

~ a moment for you to take pause and contemplate

I hope that these practices and teachings offer you as much insight, awareness, balancing and abundance as they have me.

Please understand I am not a medical Doctor and suggest that you seek professional advice and support for specific issues regarding physical and mental wellbeing. It is also worth noting that some advice in the course may not be appropriate to your current individual imbalances - if you are beginning this course not feeling 100% I highly suggest that you book in for a one-on-one Radiance Guidance consult so that you can tailor this work to you individually.