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2019 - Tarotscope

To Be Seen

Through my work as an energy reader, clearer + intuitive I’ve seen this year to be one of shaking off final resistance. We’re making the really huge strides now that we previously deemed impossible.

For me 2018 was a very difficult + precarious gateway into utter bliss. If you have experienced these energies at all like me you may be feeling a little shocked, a little rejected, exhausted and very welcoming.

The theme of 2019 I have intuited from my own experience, that of those around me + the powerful celestial alignment of Saturns second year in hardworking, devoted Capricorn is - to be seen.

Where and how are we now being asked to show up? To face old insecurites, to drop useless, outdated dialogues and to step into our radiant, golden worth?

The Crosscurrent

The lesson we’re learning in 2019 is -

Ace of Cups

An overflowing of adundance, in all things that we feel in the body, the Auric field and hold in our deepest centre. This card is a powerful message of new beginnings and great awakenings. We are being asked to learn how to walk the tightrope into our future, in the direction opposite to old hurts, deeply ingrained, harmful behaviour (Samskaras) + towards a lighter place of existence.

Ask yourself -

Where are you tightly gripping onto what used to be? 

What + who can you let go of? 

Which old lingering elements of self believe that you don’t deserve all of the magic that is to come?

The Gift

The blessings we’ll receive in 2019 -

The Star 

Now we begin to understand the destruction of The Tower (whatever that was removed from your life in 2018) and why it needed to come down in order for us to see The Star. The Star is our guiding light, our true north, our Dharma and our most luminous self. It shows this peacefully and calmly referencing our emotional body. We completely Feel but now it flows through us, we can see that drowning in our mind is useless and we’re dwelling on higher ground. 2018 removed what was not working, what was unnecessary. Asking you to restore and replenish the depths of your spirit, to rebuild your inner resources because you need to be shining brightly as the next chapter is the most pivotal.

~ I find renewed trust in the Universe ~

Ask yourself -

What needed or needs to come down? 

How are you restoring your source?

What can you let wash over you? 

The Bridge 

The threshold we’ll cross in 2019 -

The Knight of Pentacles

Pentacles speak of the real, touchable, quantitative, physical world + Knights always speak of messages so what questions are you asking about wealth and career? The Knight tells you the answer is positive Saturn in Capricorn forces us to review all structures particularly what we consider to be our work, our way of creating wealth and contributing to community. Is your work truly meaningful? If not why are you dedicating so much of your life to it? Why waste this precious time on the surface? This card also asks us to be brave and courageous, to dive a little deeper, this card also talks of reviewing structure with all things considered so look towards making slow and methodical movements towards your Dharma. Another message from this card is to pay attention to the mundanity, to take the onus of making your current life more interesting and radiant. 

Ask yourself -

What would you do for money status and structures no longer mattered?

How do you wish you could give back?

What everyday things are you grateful for?

The Sky 

The message from Source energy -

Two of Cups

Your spirit wants you to acknowledge unity, commitment, partnership and togetherness. This card does speak of being together as part of a two which could be romantic, business but I also interpret it as an integration of selves. Of new and old ways of being coming together. Spirit wants you to feel harmonious, Sattvic and to inhabit a space of balance. You are asked to examine which things are being tipped and to accept the offers of union internal or otherwise with an open, welcoming embrace. Auspicious for marriage spirit wants us to stay in the places that allow us to feel most peaceful. Undertake rituals that enable your equanimity, that conjure your connection to cosmic consciousness, to the divine - So Hum.

Ask yourself -

Where can you be more peaceful? 

Is there a union that you’re hoping to call in in 2019? 

How can you better create a Sattvic way of being? 


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