The Saturn Return

An elusive term sometimes heard in astrology circles the Saturn return is simply when Saturn returns to the same place he was in the sky at the time of ones birth he does this every 28 to 30 years. Saturn father of Capricorn bearer of all things Dharma, purpose, work, responsibility and structures when he comes back into awareness this is a time of restructuring. 

We are forced either by internal energies or external movements i.e. job loss, relationship breakdown, death, career change, moving. To re-evaluate where we are at both in terms of how we give back to community and how we manifest all means of wealth and abundance. 

Most often this feels like impending doom an explosive existential crisis or as if the rug has been completely pulled out from beneath us. It’s the time testament to our strength and perseverance and our ability to create something meaningful out of negative experiences. For many people are Saturn return manifests strong lifestyle questionings or changes suddenly the most seemingly important person in your life is no longer accessible to you, the career you’d planned is one that you’re quickly feeling unfulfilled by.

And often most challenging we realise that a chunk of our friendships no longer fit - this process can feel all encompassing, lonely, even gruelling and frequently if you are more stoic it is the first time in your life that you are made to beg for help. 

 Understand that in this you are not alone everything that you are feeling is normal and to be expected understand that it does get much, much better. That on the other side of this you will be more radiant, available and in touch with your true self. Times of transitions like these are beautifully supported by healing modalities like Reiki, a grounding equalising energy helps you to see that things are never as terrible as they seem. Bringing you back to a more natural, state of being so that you are less reactionary to the wild changes going on around you.

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Image via The Fullest