That wanderlust, that constant comparison and questioning, that believing that the spiritual experience is nomadic and - elsewhere.

I work within a dichotomy - my intention with my work is to allow you to access a better, healthier, more connected existence - that in fact, is already within and totally available to you.

Yet, I’m asking you to come to me for this to be facilitated. I’m asking you to seek me in order to seek yourself.

I believe wholy that our healing must be integrated from a place of internality however, I offer ‘healings’ and an at times am referred to as a ‘healer’.

Recently I took a long journey to Kauai, Hawaii seeking more wisdom - more knowledge, thinking I was taking a step towards something greater, to a more aligned me and closer to my idea of devotion.

But this was a mirage, a trick and the greatest lesson here was found in the fact that I already had a perfect amount of knowledge within me. I already have access to all of the study that I need for now.

It’s made me revisit my need for seeking and to an extent I feel the experience has broken my spiritual backbone.

Pouring myself into books is fine and one thing but following and doting on a self-appointed Godhead is not the aligned path for me.

We’re in a time when the popularity of yoga, circles, crystals and astrology has skyrocketed - thankfully because I believe it makes us more conscious and introspective beings when used respectfully.

However, amongst all of the dross we have to do a lot of investigative work to find out what and who are healthy, appropriate and needed for us personally and at the present moment.

It takes time, money and sometimes disappointment to find the people, practitioners, studios and resources that will be most beneficial for you.

Unfortunately on my recent travels to Koh Phangan and Kauai I’ve been confronted with the dark side of this industry - money hungry, surface-level knowledge, misleading and unkind humans posing as ‘healers’. If a practitioner ever needs or tries to convince you that you need a healing because there is something inherently wrong with you back away. Doing so is a direct assumption that you are broken that you need to be fixed, which is not the case.

I’m here to tell you there isn’t anything broken about you - the term chakra blockage is a misinformed term coined by New Agers who have no basis of knowledge in Vedic chakra systems, it is used with the intention of making money or possibly making you feel worse than them. Our energy centres are wheels, not bathroom pipes and there’s nothing wrong with yours.

A huge element of my work is simply getting your mind and endocrine system into a relaxed enough state that you can begin to perceive more clearly, to listen to the signals that you’re already being transmitted.

The second most important element of my work is to coach you into acknowledging your reality - the reality of your situation, circumstances, worth, inherent beauty and what you’re capable of - to be unequivocally on your team.

These are the foundations of our work together and as you can imagine I provide you with tools to further these ideas yourself, no practitioner needed.

True healing will only ever begin and end with yourself, your intention and your action.

These recent experiences frequently made me question - is this what spirituality actually is? Is the phoniness, fakeness and charades just precisely what it is?

It doesn’t have to be.

I write this as a nod in hopes to carve out an idea that I’m not one of these people - a selfish reason - and partly that I need to remind you that any of the work we do together or with any kind of healer, counsellor, psychologist, reader, yoga teacher is only a very small part of the equation for an abundant and balanced state of being. That despite the constant triggering or pressure to be seeking something outside of ourselves, everything we need already exists within us.

The greatest enlightenment will only ever blossom for the seed of self.