The Radiant Woman Online Course

The Radiant Woman Online Course


a self-led four week deep dive into ayurvedic, vedic and ancient wisdom methods for cultivating beauty, radiance, manifestation and total embodiment.

a pathway to the woman that you dream of becoming, a gateway to a more grounded, glowing and celebrated way of being.

early bird discount now applies ~ the course begins september 1st 2019

we cover -

how to meditate

embodiment + alignment

creating and working with sankalpa (embodied intention)

at home yoga practice

mantra + how to use the vibration of sound for manifestation

the wisdom of nourishment, food + removing harmful emotional associations with food

yoga nidra for manifestation

working with feminine cycles

working with the phases of the moon

personal + beauty care according to ayurveda

ayurvedic energy concepts

doshas + balancing

journalling + self-enquiry

using ancient yogic structures of approaching life

the stories of the wisdom goddesses for modern interpretation

you will receive -


yoga nidra

lectures of vedic philosophy + womens work

journalling prompts

private facebook community

optional one-on-one phone check ins

1 year access

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