Radiant Soul Journal (Pre-Order December)

Radiant Soul Journal (Pre-Order December)


‘To dwell where the Self becomes as expansive as the horizon and there the Self with Universe begin to yoke. A coming together of long departed stardust, burning brightly and the hum of cosmic memory.’

introducing my third print publication and my first hand-held, physical tool for:


self-exploration and


a journal that educates and draws upon the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda

the energetics of the season

and the potent philosophy of Vedanta

to spark internal questioning and awareness

this is a paperback sized book that you engage with through touch and written word.

the journal is designed to be used throughout one year and is mapped to guide you through the energetic changes throughout this passing of time.

in it you will find:

seasonal sadhanas



a years worth of energy specific journalling prompts

learnings on yogic ethics, Ayurveda, energy and Vedantic philosophy


Hindu Goddess work

This book was downloaded to me during the Puja following receiving my first mantra and it is a seed that has blossomed over the last few years. It specifically calls upon my study, my personal daily embodiment and enquiry practices.

I am honoured to share this wisdom with you and hope that it serves to lead you along the pathway that is Yoga of the Radiant Soul.

This is an initial and limited print run with intimate numbers available.

All pre-orders will be sent in December 2019.

Journals are printed with 100% recycled and Forest Stewarship Certified paper by FSC certified printers.

$2 from every journal sold will be donated to PLAN India’s Because I am a Girl Project.

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