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A self-led four week deep dive into Ayurvedic, vedic and ancient wisdom methods for cultivating beauty, radiance, manifestation and total embodiment.

a pathway to the woman that you dream of becoming, a gateway to a more grounded, glowing and celebrated way of being.

we cover -

how to meditate

embodiment + alignment

creating and working with sankalpa (embodied intention)

at home yoga practice

mantra + how to use the vibration of sound for manifestation

the wisdom of nourishment + food

yoga nidra for manifestation

working with feminine cycles

working with the phases of the moon

personal + beauty care according to ayurveda

ayurvedic energy concepts

doshas + balancing

journalling + self-enquiry

using ancient yogic structures of approaching life

the stories of the wisdom goddesses for modern interpretation

you will receive -


yoga nidra

lectures of vedic philosophy + womens work

journalling prompts

private facebook community

optional one-on-one phone check ins

1 year access

Discounts for full-time students and extenuating circumstances are available please get in touch if you’d like to enquire about this



I learnt so much about Ayurveda and adapting the practices to my daily life. Whilst the work may sometimes feel like it’s too much, when you truly commit than change does start to happen around you. Clara is such a patient and encouraging human being that even if you’re struggling you’ll have support, and what better way to do this than surrounding yourself with a lovely community of women. This course came at the right moment for me and I’ve walked away feeling more radiant in who I am and what I stand for. it really has changed my life and has allowed me to slow down and honour what I truly need in the moment.


The space for growth and community you recreated with radiant woman was so unbelievably nourishing. One of my most favourite aspects was the feeling of supported community. 

I loved your research and content. Dividing it up into sections so we could have homework without being overwhelmed was a great idea. I also found it really helpful that you provided products, other teachers and further resources to utilise outside of class. 


I have really been enjoying the space and everything that you are sharing in the radiant woman program. One really big outcome I have experienced so far, is sharing truth and bringing the wholeheartedness in what I say and how I act. I feel like I am starting create a light shield that surrounds me if I am surrounded by energies or conversations that are highly charged and not aligned to this. The space from this allows space to speak truthfully, without getting caught up in mirroring other peoples emotions or reactions. 

It really transcends to how I am also treating myself, and self talk as well. 

Thank you so much for this offering. 


The Radiant Woman course was exactly what I needed and hoped it would be, and in hindsight, I think one of the main things I got from the experience was connection.

I loved the circle setting and your delivery was always supportive and nurturing. 

I felt four weeks was an adequate amount of time - long enough for participants to feel part of the group and connect with each other, but short enough for people who are afraid to commit more than a month.

Everything about the course and the way you presented it was soulful and nourishing. It felt very authentic and inclusive and I like that you opened the floor for anyone who wanted to jump in and share their own wisdom, it was very empowering.